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Get off the ground with Aviation Insurance

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Insurance rates that can make you smile


The Facts About Colorado Aviation Insurance

Aviation insurance is necessary for everyone who owns an aircraft. In the aviation, there tend to be far fewer claims compared to auto insurance, but when a person files a claim on their aviation insurance, it's usually for a catastrophic accident. For this reason, having a high deductible will not lower the premiums nearly as much as it will with other types of insurance. This is why it's important to compare as many policies as possible before purchasing aircraft coverage.

There are several different types of aviation insurance, and an independent insurance agency can help customers decide which type is the best for each individual situation. The main types of insurance include:

  • Public Liability Insurance - This covers damage that an aircraft does to a third-party property such as cars, houses, the airport, other aircraft and crops in surrounding fields. Coverage is not provided for the aircraft itself, or the passengers.
  • Passenger Liability Insurance - This will protect the passengers who are riding in the aircraft and are injured or killed.
  • Combined Single Limit Insurance - This combines the public liability and passenger liability insurance and offers a single payout amount per accident. It offers greater flexibility and more convenience than having two separate policies.
  • Ground Risk Hull Insurance Not In Motion - When the aircraft is on the ground it can be damaged by fire, vandalism, flood, theft, wind, hailstorms or other planes. This coverage will cover the value of aircraft.
  • Ground Risk Hull Insurance In Motion - Similar to the above policy, this one covers the plane when it is taxiing, but not taking off, in-flight, or landing.
  • In-flight Insurance - This policy covers all of the phases of the aircraft's operation, including in the air and when parked on the ground.

Before purchasing their next aviation insurance policy, aircraft owners and operators in Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, and Nevada should work with High Desert Agencies, LLC to compare policies to make sure that the individual gets the proper kind of aviation insurance to best suit their needs.