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Protect yourself & others with Auto Insurance

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Insurance rates that can make you smile


The Facts About Colorado Auto Insurance

Individuals who are living in Pueblo, Pueblo West, or Colorado Springs in need of auto insurance, this is just the place to find it! Get free quotes and compare policies from multiple auto insurance carriers right here with High Desert Agencies.

Which Type of Coverage Do Colorado Residents Need?

Full Coverage

This is not a requirement in the state of Colorado. However, people who depend on their car to get to and from work, haul the family around town or just consider their auto to be worth a lot of money, they'll want to get full coverage insurance on it so that, in the event of an accident, they get back as much money as possible.

Liability Auto Insurance

Every driver in Colorado must have a liability insurance policy. A commonly accepted "rule of thumb" is that drivers only need liability insurance--rather than full coverage--if their car is 10, or more, years old, or if it's worth just a few thousand dollars. This is by no means a rule, but a guideline to help make a decision on which type of insurance to buy.

Colorado Requirements

For residents of Pueblo, Pueblo West and Colorado Springs to legally drive, they must have bodily and property liability insurance. Bodily injury covers the hospital bills and rehabilitation costs of people who are injured. Property damage covers items such as the cars, fences, walls and buildings that were damaged or destroyed in the accident.

The current minimum amounts for Colorado residents are:

  • Bodily Injury- $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident
  • Property Damage- $15,000 per accident
The Minimum Amount Isn't Always Enough

If a person is in an accident and hits a car valued at $50,000, and has just the bare minimum liability insurance, they'll need to pay the remaining $35,000 out of pocket. Or if the car contained five passengers, each requiring $12,000 worth of medical care, that's $60,000 total, so $10,000 needs to be paid out of pocket. For this reason, it's advised that people are insured for more than the minimum amounts.

Finding Insurance Coverage

High Desert Agencies, LLC offers a unique comparative search function so that the rates from multiple insurance carriers can be seen at a glance. There's no need to spend hours searching online. Contact us, a Colorado Springs independent agency, to get some auto insurance quotes today!